Friday, 5 August 2011

Hmmm Jalousy??

Hello guys!
Today i am gonne say who the rudies are?

A long time ago i won NCG of the Netherlands i was so happy & friends ware Happy only 1 not. :
Today i was cleaning my Messages.
Then i found these:

Ife you understand what is saying? IF You not here is a translate.
First message : Btw. I wil never vote for a maroccan they ae Nasty,Mean,& you guys are always wanted money.
& You guys are danger with people.

Two Messaged: Dasn't care me. Just go away you nesty Maroccan?

i mean WTF?
Do she have to day this :S Grr
You wild say let it go but i mean? COME ON.
& i forgived her. But less than a month she wanted my LE dress for 20 stardollars. I say no what are you thinking i am that stupid? Then she was started again. ??



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