Wanna become a writer?

So, if your reading this your most likely to want a job(:
Am I right??

Okay, we have lots of jobs available, but you need to know a few rules!
  • You need to post at least once every 3 days
  • You need to be a follower
  • You should advertise this blog on your presentation and even on your own blog
  • Have SOME blogging experience
  • Be 10 or over
  • Have a stardoll account

These are the jobs available:

  • Hotbuys Writer
  • Competitions Writer (Must be SS)
  • Interviewer
  • New Store Writer
  • Fashion Writer
  • Stardoll in general writer
  • Gossip Writer
  • Graphic Designer*
If you need more information about these jobs or want to know what you need to do if you have a specific job please contact me on stardoll (MissElydia1999) or on my email: jennieelydia.cutie@hotmail.co.uk

If you want a job please leave your application in the comments, your application form should look like this:

Real Name: ________
Stardoll User-name: ________
Blogger User-name: ________
Email: ________
Blogging Experience: __________
Desired Job: _________

Also, if you have a special talent in writing and don't want any of the above jobs and want to write about something special please contact me!

*I will need examples of your work



Happy_Pants said...

Real Name: Alex
Stardoll User-name: happy_pants
Blogger User-name: happy_pants
Email: aleksandra16@live.co.uk
Blogging Experience: Loads
Desired Job: general

No1girl123 said...

Real Name:Aoife
Stardoll User-name:No1girl23
Blogger User-name:No1girl23/Aoife x
Blogging Experience:I've Written For 4 Blogs
Desired Job:General Or Free Stuff Pleseee Consinder Me Thanks :) x

Laura_James said...

Real Name: Lynn
Stardoll User Name: Laura_James
Blogger User-Name: Laura_James
E-mail: The.Brenda_Song@yahoo.com or lina.damevska@hotmail.com (i prefer the first one)
Blogging experience: I have written for only 1 blog. :/
Desired job: Interviewer or fashion writer

Thank for your time!