Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tutorial on how to post on different pages.

Ok, this is for people who don't know how to post on different pages exept from the home page.

Step 1. Click on New Post. (Also see the pictures below every step)

Step 2. Click on Edit Pages.

Step 3. Choose what page you want to post on and press edit. (for example I'm choosing About Us)

Step 4. Post something as you would normally do. If someone has already posted on that page, simply leave a few lines, post your banner and start writing, NOTE: NEVER DELETE ANYONES WRITING WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION!!!

Step 5. Press Publish Page to well ... publish your page haha =]

Step 6. Now your page is published! Have fun!!



Happy_Pants said...

That's Only for the owner .. Thnx for going through all that trouble Jennie but it only works for you...

MissElydia said...

Ohhh! That would explain a lot!