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So, do you want to be a Model? If you do you have reached the right place! Every month this blog will hold a very unique Modelling Competition!

You will have the chance the enter each months competition from the 1st of every month until the 10th. For example if it was September you would be able to post your application for that months competition from the 1st of September until the 10th. You can win serious prizes so if I don't get 10 or more entries the competiton will be off for that month. So advertise this to your friends!!!!

Your application form would be posted in the comments below and should look like this:

Name: _________
Stardoll Name: ___________
Blogger Name: ___________
Tell me a bit about your-self: _________
Entry: _______________

Your entry will be an outfit and make-up that goes with a theme I've chosen. There will be a different theme every month. Say for September I chose the theme: Ice-cream
You would make an outfit with maybe Ice-cream colours and make-up to match.

You would upload your entry to TinyPic and post the link in the Entry: ______________

The very first modelling competition will start on the 1st October 2011.
Be prepared!


  1. You MUST be a follower of this blog
  2. You MUST be on stardoll
  3. You MUST continue the competition if you have been chosen for the top 10.
The top 10 will work like this:
On the 11th of each month I will look at all the entries with Kkrrbb78 (co-owner) and we will choose the top 10 that will go into the next round.

The next round will work like this:

We will pair the top 10 up randomly with each other and I will then choose another theme. They will have to decide who will do the make-up and who will create the outfit. They must work together to create a matching look! Your entries must be posted by the 20th of that month then me and Kayci (Kkrrbb78) will choose the top 5 from that round to go into the final round.

The final round will work like this:

I will choose two themes and you must mix them together to make a stylish outfit! You will have until the 27th of that month to post your entries and then we will decide the winner!


A gift
10 stardollars
Guest judge in the next months competition

Please contact me on stardoll (MissElydia1999) if you dont understand!


If you dont know how to upload onto TinyPic search it on google or ask me x

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