Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hello, again!

Sorry, I'm not using my banner as I'm making new ones.

Hiya!!! I've never posted in ages! :L I've been a bad owner! I'm so sorry! The blog will be going through a MAJOR make-over soon. Kirstie (XxNoAngelxX) is leaving to go to college :( I am losing a great writer & co-owner and a great friend! I wish her all the best in college. Since she is leaving we will be looking for a new writer! A hotbuys writer. I will take over her graphics position so DON'T apply for that! As Kirstie was also a Co-Owner, I have made a descision of who should be the next one! Well done Kayci (Kkrrbb78) you are the new ESD co-owner! Through this make-over I will be looking for new writers! I will also be doing new banners but only for me and Kayci because no-one else posts here so they are all fired :( Sorry but only Kayci and Kirstie post and as we are losing Kirstie we NEED new writers to make this blog ACTIVE! I am going on holiday to Turkey on Friday for 17 days so Kayci will be 'Manager' of this blog until I come back! Be good blog :) I will continue with the make-over now so bye for now


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